Beliefs and Stance

Divine Influence on the Constitution

I absolutely believe that through Gods divine intervention the Founding Fathers developed the perfect form of government to secure the Rights Endowed by their
Creator. The Bill of Rights was written to acknowledge the Rights of Man and to
protect these Rights granted from God, against government infringement upon
them. These men prayed daily for God’s guiding light to build a Constitutional
Republic. Only a moral society and leaders of character can exercise our way of
government so as to not trample on our God given Rights.

Policy beliefs:
 Life begins at conception - Abortion is a sin against God. The Constitution
specifically states, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Life!
Separation of Church and State - No where in our founding documents does it
say this. The founders did not want a government-mandated religion like the
Church of England. They were absolutely Christian men of high moral
Gun rights - There is only one gun law, the 2nd Amendment. Every other gun
law is Unconstitutional and there for unenforceable.

For far too long we have allowed leaders of lessor character take advantage of the
systems and processes to gain power and impose their elitist control over the
governed. It is time for the People to throw off the shackles of the ruling class and
reinstitute our Constitutional Republic and secure the Rights of People to live life
without government intervention.

Join me in my efforts to restore our government back to the People.